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CreditServco Founder Wins Class Action Lawsuit Against TransUnion For $75,000,000.

Our Attorney’s at Watts, Guerra, Craft LLP settled the Class Action Lawsuit against TransUnion for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The good news is Trans Union made a cash offer to settle the lawsuit.

The Chicago District Court that oversees Trans Union’s $75 million settlement fund referred us to the Court’s Federal magistrate judge in November 2010 to participate in a voluntary settlement process. Since then, we have met in Chicago with the Federal magistrate judge and/or Trans Union’s lawyers on dozens of occasions in an effort to explore and exhaust the potential for Trans Union to make you a cash offer before you begin discovery in your Lawsuit.


How Does It Work
We are a consulting company specializing in improving your personal and or Business Credit Profile. We consult with clients on their credit profile, analyze their credit profile, and verify former addresses, verify credit history, employment and aliases listed on their report based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We check the validity of accounts, balances shown, and related items. Get Started!


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